Hermetic Philosophy
The Seven Principles

Hermetic Philosophy
Hermetic Philosophy is a timeless science which provides tools to assist people in understanding themselves and their relation to the Universe. It is a technical system of personal development based on eternal principles and since its inherent nature is practical, it is often referred to as "operative philosophy." It is important to note that the discipline studied at the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy bears little resemblance to what is commonly referred to as Hermeticism. This is because true Hermeticism refers to a living art, not a collection of facts. It cannot be simply outlined or defined, but must be profoundly experienced and comprehended through everyday life. Hermetic Philosophy is not a religion, political, or traditional cultural knowledge, but a practical and profound teaching. Its study emphasizes discovering the true meaning behind every aspect of one’s life, including morality, consciousness, freedom, energy management, knowing oneself, and communication with others. This approach allows one to solve daily problems and to answer life’s most pressing questions – not through book learning or ready-made formulas, but by using one’s hard-won life experience. What one gains through this process can never be taken away.
Who should study Hermetic Philosophy?
Anyone who wants to improve their life and is open to new explanations and perspectives, can benefit from the honest study of Hermeticism. As examples, below are a few questions and statements that have brought people to the study of Hermeticism.
  • Who am I?
  • How do I improve my financial situation?
  • How can I have a great loving relationship?
  • How does one successfully govern a family, an organization, or oneself?
  • What is love?
  • How can I succeed in this competitive world?
  • What did I get from my parents, and how do I make use of it to grow?
  • Is it truly possible to attain a higher state of awareness?
  • How does one raise a child?
  • How can I lose weight?
  • How can I finally feel good about myself and my life on a profound level?
  • How can I stop making the same mistakes again and again in life?
  • I have everything, but still feel something is missing – what do I need?
Through practice, people all over the world have begun to gain clarity, comprehension, and answers to these questions for themselves.


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