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For over four decades, Dario Salas Sommer, Ph.D. has been committed to the progress of humanity, and the internal development of the individual. He is an internationally acclaimed author, philosopher, and founder of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy, for which he is the Director and Spiritual Guide. He is a modern philosopher whose unique approach unites contemporary psychological and scientific practice with ancient philosophical wisdom.
Dr. Salas began publishing his philosophy in 1966, under the literary pseudonym of John Baines, and quickly received acclaim for works such as The Secret Science, The Stellar Man, Does Woman Exist?, Depression and Anguish, The Development of the Inner World, The Science of Love, HypsoConsciousness and Morals for the 21st Century. His central theme focuses upon the ongoing development of the individual to attain greater levels of awareness in order to achieve true success in all forms. As a practical objective, Dr. Salas’ philosophy aims to guide the modern man and woman in finding their psychic way back to their birthright, of which life in the “fast lane” has robbed them, namely, an inner tranquility. His writing style is at once straightforward, clear and precise, accounting for his universal appeal. At present, Dr. Salas divides his year into days spent writing and lecturing in his hometown of Santiago and lecture tours abroad in other South American cities, The United States, Russia, and Spain. Facts about Dr. Dario Salas Sommer
  • In 1961, Dr. Salas founded the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy (IHP) in Santiago, Chile.
  • Dr. Salas has given over 2,000 keynote speeches, which have been heard worldwide, and he has been interviewed on international television and in magazines.
  • Dr. Salas is the author of 8 books, five of which have been translated into English, under the literary pseudonym of John Baines. His books have been translated into 8 different languages with over 1 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Dr. Salas published Morals for the 21st Century, in which he elucidates his concept of Moral Physics™-- the innate relationship between moral values and natural laws. Dr. Salas established a laboratory with the express purpose of furthering his work with Moral Physics ™, using scientific experiments to demonstrate philosophical and moral precepts.
  • On September 26, 2003, Dr. Salas was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Philosophy, and appointed Scientific Consul of Russia for all Latin America, Knight of Arts and Sciences by the Academy of Natural Sciences of The Russian Federation. He was also presented with the prestigious V.I.Vernadsky gold prize by Vladimir Platanov, the President of Moscow's Parliament (DUMA), for the role of his work in safeguarding the human being's psychological and physical integrity.


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