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June 23rd
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June 23rd, 2017

Do you ever feel that you go through life wearing a "mask," acting or performing, depending on the people you're with or the situation you are in? Where does the mask stop and we begin? What compells us to keep this mask in place? What does it cost us? Perhaps it's ego, insecurity, fear or image. Often we find ourselves holding back, or hiding a big part of who we are due to insecurity or fear of not receiving others approval. In most cases this leads to a disconnect with who we really are and what we truly desire in life which can greatly reduce our ability to achieve goals, communicate effectively, have closer relationships with people or just be content in our life.

If you would like to understand yourself better and discover what is keeping you from showing your true self to the outside world, join Carol Haggerty and Jeff Cylkowski as they take you through an interactive seminar, using practical tools, which will help you free yourself from these "masks." Come discover a world of increased energy, a higher level of self awareness and more harmonious relationships with yourself and others.

Time: 9:45am-12:30pm
Place: 127 West 25th Street (3rd Floor)
Fee: $20
RSVP: (866) 451-3965, or write seminars@ihpny.org
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Past and Future Seminars Include:

Works Well with Others: Learning to Cooperate with Integrity and Heart
To be successful in almost anything, one skill is crucial: the ability to get along with other people. As human beings, we are deeply connected, and need each other- for love, for friendship, and for business.

In our interactions, it's common to blame others when we get frustrated,to try to manipulate them into doing what we want, or to swallow what we really want out of fear of rejection. We often avoid taking any real responsibility for how we feel, communicate, or act. What is less common, yet more powerful, is to discover how to contribute to the common purpose while keeping our integrity and sense of ourselves.

To honestly work well with others calls for more than just "people skills", it requires true human qualities that spring from personal development and self knowledge. Join Clark Saint Clare Benbow and Junod Etienne for an exploration and discussion of how we currently connect with others and how we may be able to do it better.

7 Facts You Need to Know Before Using "The Secret" Law of Attraction
The Secret phenomenon has been sweeping the globe. It is a dramatic, entertaining, and amazing introduction to the idea that your thoughts actually create your reality. You've probably seen the teachers from The Secret on Oprah or Larry King Live, or maybe you just run across the movie yourself–but once you've seen the movie or heard the teachers, you can begin to see brand new possibilities opening in your life.

Knowledge of this stunning truth gives you the power to improve your life dramatically, but there is more to the story than what is revealed in the movie–a whole lot more. And you'll need to know the rest of the story if you want to use the Secret to make real, lasting improvements in your life.

Join Dianne-Felicia Rodgers and David Richeson as we discuss the science and the wisdom behind "The Secret" and how we can learn to use the power of our minds to effectively improve our daily lives.

Adopting yourself: Becoming the Parent You've Always Needed
Do you go about life working, giving, doing, and planning, all around other people's needs and standards? Do you ever get a sense that a part of you remains hungry no matter what goals you achieve? Do you find that you are constantly critical and demanding of yourself? Do you keep and respect promises to yourself?

In short, how do you care for yourself?

Most of us go through life without giving to ourselves the careful attention we deeply need, and then seek it in ways that don't work for us. Self care is indispensable for satisfaction in life, and can be likened to the role of a loving parent: compassionate and gentle, yet firm and impartial. However, since this requires the growth of an essential part of us, we constantly fall short. What is this part, and how can it begin to serve our own best interests? Join Junod Etienne and Leeza Ahmady for a powerful interactive seminar exploring how we can give ourselves what we truly need, and take up where our parents left off.

Relationships: Where Are You In the Mix?
Most of us have many relationships in our lives, whether we are the spouse/partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, parent/child or friend, each involvement seems to have a life of its own. In one we may seem to be the doer, the giver, in another we may play the taker or irresponsible one who waits to be led. Many of us allow the ups and downs in a relationship to rule our emotional lives, defining us from moment to moment as either happy or miserable.

If you would like to have an opportunity to understand your role in each of your relationships and how to become a proactive participant in your daily life, then this Seminar is for you. Explore how fulfilling a relationship can really be when you are able to see your role in it and understand what you need to give to yourself first, before you can give or ask it of others.

Discovering Yourself: Your growth in 2007
You can make this year special- by discovering yourself. It seems obvious that since we have spent more time with ourselves than anyone else, we must know ourselves quite well. We may put in years of focused study and attention to learn a career, a skill, or to get to know another person. But how much of our time has been spent in learning who we truly are, beneath the persona we present to the world - to uncover our very essence? This is the level where profound and lasting changes occur.

The truth in knowing yourself starts with the practical details of everyday life. Join Junod Etienne and Dianne Rodgers for a hands-on exploration of how discovering who you are can change life from a confusing battle into an exhilarating and joyful challenge.

Free your mind
From an early age, we have been trained how to think, talk, and act by people around us and through experiences we've lived. Is there such a thing as freedom of choice and thought if we are unconsciously controlled by the advertising and familial messages we are bombarded with everyday? What is the connection between achieving a thrill of happiness because we just bought a new car or pair of shoes vs. receiving approval and love through a parent, spouse or child because of something we said or did?

Would you like to discover how to decipher your true feelings and thoughts vs. those that have been implanted in you to persuade you to buy things, vote for certain politicians or feel happiness or depression. Some of the ways that thoughts are implanted are so subtle, that we may never even know that we have been manipulated-- and that the thoughts we think are not our own.

Join Carol Haggerty and David Richeson as we discuss the evolution of these methods of mass manipulation and self imposed survival mechanisms, as well as ways that we can defend ourselves against them and begin to understand our true feelings, in order to "free our minds."

Being True to yourself:
Are you loyal to yourself?
All too often, we find ourselves saying and doing things that go against what we really want, not taking simple actions we know are good for us, or remaining silent in key moments when we need to express our true feelings. This subtle self-betrayal is painful, perhaps more so than anything others can do to us.

How can we begin to accept ourselves and be loyal to our own best interests? In this hands on workshop presented by the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy, Junod Etienne and Dianne Rodgers will explore simple ways we can support our true Self, honor our word, and take full responsibility for our happiness.

Get Your Groove Back With Higher Awareness
Does your life ever feel like a broken record? One boring day after the next? Or is your life so hectic and busy that you don't even have the time to be bored? If the high point of your day is watching TV, going to the movies, shopping, planning your next vacation, going for drinks or having sex but you still don't feel fulfilled,then this seminar is for you. Come and experience first hand that boredom and hyperactivity, though seemingly opposite poles, are essentially similar modesof unconscious existence. This interactive seminar aims to give you a taste of a more profound and fulfilling way of being.

The Fear Workshop
Fear doesn't only happen in "dangerous situations". The emotion of fear is quietly present in so many of our relationships and life choices, often when we feel quite confident and secure.

Imagine what life would be like if fear were completely absent from our relationships, careers, and goals. What would we be able to feel and accomplish? What choices would we now make? Join the IHP seminar team in an inspiring exploration that will help us find the courage to let go of our limitations to live in greater freedom, at our highest potential.

Being You
The modern world demands us to be so many things for so many people-- son, daughter, employee, boss, husband, wife, etc. And, all the while, we are constantly bombarded with opinions and suggestions from advertising, education, political figures, news, etc. With so many roles to play and so many opinions and suggestions in the air-- when can we find the time to just be ourselves? Not our work-selves, or our relationship-selves, or our opinionated-selves...

How do you find the space to just be you?

Join the IHPseminar team in an interactive session to go past our roles and conditioned thinking and find something deeper that is always with us, yet remains silent most of the time.

The fifteen minute vacation: Stay refreshed and relaxed no matter what happens around you.
All too familiar with the pressure and anxiety of city life? Increasing your vitality and energy can bring you the "glow" that is usually associated with returning from a peaceful and soothing vacation. Experience a morning of fun techniques you can do anywhere that will raise your level of awareness, promote relaxation and balance, and help you keep a calm head in tough situations. Presented by the IHP seminar team.

How to lose an argument: The Basics of an Internal Workout
Have you ever won an argument, or gotten your way, yet had the subtle feeling that something was wrong? We are constantly driven by a part of us which wants to always get its way: to win an argument, to look good, or to gain approval and acceptance. This we call success. The irony is, we can only truly succeed when we are able to consciously forego the relentless demands of that part of us. This unique seminar will explore how we can strengthen our essence and character by training ourselves not to be guided by our compulsive desires, making our lives more real, rich, and fulfilling.

Making It Happen
Many times we begin personal projects with a lot of enthusiasm, excited about the ways in which we will change our lives after the projects are complete. But, all too often, something happens during the process - we become distracted, dismotivated, or disengaged, to the point that we cannot complete the project we began, and we end up in the same position in life as when we started the project.
Why does this happen so often?
How can we learn to overcome obstacles and complete what we start no matter what?

Harmony: The Key to Peace, Success and Fulfillment
Having positive relationships with our partners, our co-workers, our families, and ourselves requires a comprehension of the concept of harmony. Just like in music when the correct notes are played everything "just fits." Yet when discordant notes are played, the results are uncomfortable and undesirable. Let's explore this concept of harmony and learn how to apply it in our own lives to turn what could now be seen as chaos into a harmonious symphony.

Character and Discipline
Vital Ingredients for Achieving your Goals

Have you defined personal goals for 2006?
What if you knew with certainty that you could formulate any plan and give it a hundred percent?
That you could follow up solidly with consistent action until it was complete?
That you could learn how to navigate the obstacles that arise?
Would your outlook and goals change?

Losing weight, setting financial goals, seeking spiritual growth - any plan you can think of requires character and discipline, but how to cultivate these virtues is rarely ever taught. In this interactive seminar, Junod Etienne and Gail Israelson will present simple and tried ways to build character and discipline and to stop resisting your personal success. We will discuss:

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