The Collection is a series of books that offers a practical approach to human life. These books impart techniques for self-enrichment and provide a new and sometimes radical perspective on topics such as life, love, relationships, success, and morality. These techniques help us to develop our inner world, regain our psychological balance and offer hope for individual human potential.

The Collection was written for the reader with an inquisitive mind who seeks to understand more about the mysteries of life based on scientific foundation. Dr. Sals wrote each book as a call to the essential nature of humanity, with the purpose of awakening knowledge of ancient truths and encouraging us all in our struggle to understand ourselves more deeply, despite very little support from the world around us.

Titles Include:

ISBN 1-882692-01-2
The Secret Science
"The Secret Science" is the study of the human condition and the foundations of life: Desire, Sex, God, Mind, Spirit, and the Search for Happiness. It establishes that the physical and spiritual transformation of Man is achievable through the living of life, not by detaching oneself from it.

The Secret Science is intended for the reader who is driven by a spiritual inquietude and an inner yearning to deepen his/her personal knowledge of himself or herself at a practical and tangible level.

Also available in Spanish, Latvian, Bulgarian, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean and German.
240 pages, $12.95 paperback

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ISBN 1-882692-04-7
The Stellar Man
"The Stellar Man" takes a critical look at the current state of mankind. It exposes the “collective animal soul” which guides and directs humanity and on a deeper level, it explores Hermetic Philosophy that can aid the individual in freeing oneself from the collective influence.

"The Stellar Man" also introduces the seven great Laws of Nature and shows how they can be applied in daily life, thus revealing to the reader the first practical steps on the path toward transcending one’s own animal condition for becoming a true, conscious, spiritual, stellar being.

Also available in Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian.
310 pages, $13.95 paperback

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ISBN 1-882692-00-4
The Science of Love
"The Science of Love" celebrates the glorious union of man and woman, and of love. It explores every possible venue of true love versus corrupt love for those who “have the eyes to see and the ears to hear,” and for those who are willing to open their hearts in achieving one of the human being’s deepest desires, the awakening of true love.

John Baines has unfolded in the pages of this book the knowledge of the spiritual science of love that we are privileged to glimpse. He teaches that the secret to love lies in eternal rejuvenation, change and profound comprehension. If love is your goal, then "The Science of Love" will start you on your journey!

Also available in Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian.
404 pages, $12.95 paperback

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ISBN 1-882692-02-0
"HypsoConsciousness" addresses the single most important issue that faces the human race today. A low level of awareness obliges us to suffer a host of needless ills, sufferings, misunderstandings and disappointments. By a thorough analysis of our psychological world and a series of practical techniques, "HypsoConsciousness" presents the Hermetic keys to living in the only place where fundamental reality resides: the present moment.

Also available in Spanish, Bulgarian.
256 pages, $9.95 paperback

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ISBN 1-882692-03-9
Morals for the 21st Century
A popular belief sustains that being honest is not profitable, however, John Baines proves that morality is a powerful tool for success in life. "Morals for the 21st Century" is not a simple reformulation of natural morals, but an absolutely new proposal of morals in which the author categorically asserts and presents experiments to the effect that morality is firmly set on scientific premises, for the first time breaking the ideological and theological bases that have always served as their support. The morals proposed by John Baines are based on the laws of energy, that is, in the strict domain of physics. Every person that complies with this moral code will be complying with him or herself. By respecting this moral code, he/she will be respecting him or herself; sowing the laws of this moral code in the earth of his/her being he will harvest, multiplying each grain, and proving the benefits of complying with this eternal order of things without need of fear or faith.
“Genuine morals correspond to the guidelines of harmony in the Universe and Nature, so that those who carefully observe their laws will always be successful, success taken in its foremost sense, as the supreme evolutionary achievement aspired by man...”

Also available in Spanish, Bulgarian and Arabic
625 pages, $18.95 paperback

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